Curious facts about Canada that are not known to everyone

Curious facts about Canada that are not known to everyone

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This amazing country has a very rich nature, incredible landscapes, a high standard of living and a lot of advantages. The creation of the state in the 16th century was marked by the beginning of the French colony located on the territory of modern Quebec. For a long time she was under the auspices of Great Britain.

Now this country is a powerful power that holds good positions in world rankings. This collection contains 50 interesting and unusual facts that will help you get to know this country better!

By area, Canada ranks second in the overall ranking and is second only to Russia.

The country is a record holder for the coastline – 265 thousand kilometers.

Canada is in the TOP 5 of the most educated countries in the world as of 2018. More than 50% of its residents have higher education.

The minimum winter temperature in Canada was recorded on the Yukon in 1947 and amounted to 62 ° C.

There are many more lakes in Canada than in any other country in the world. There are almost 2 million of them.

Canada has 9% of global water supply.

The world capital of polar bears, Churchill, is popular with tourists. And the locals are forced to cope with the invasion of bears – they do not even lock cars so that the pedestrian can hide from a wild beast. There is also a temporary prison for especially dangerous bears!

Some signs on cars in northern Canada are made in the shape of a polar bear.

The United States attacked Canada twice, in 1775 and in 1812.

The name of the country “Canada”, obviously, comes from the Native American word “kanata”, which means “village” or “settlement”. When the French, led by Jacques Cartier, arrived in new lands, the Iroquois tribe invited them to the village. And they mistook this word for the name of the entire region.

50 interesting facts about Canada

The only desert in Canada is in British Columbia called Nk’mip Desert. It even has cacti!

The only ice hotel in North America is located near Quebec and is called Hotel de Glace. Every year it is rebuilt in December and melts by summer.

In Canada, fewer people live than in Tokyo, along with suburban areas.

The official symbol of Canada is the North American beaver. Well, from the plants – the well-known maple, whose leaf flaunts on the flag of Canada.

The uninhabited island of Hans has a curious history – Canada and Denmark are still fighting for it. Since 1984, they have been observing the custom – several times a year an island landed in one of the countries, sets its flag with a bottle of alcohol for representatives of the other side. Then the servicemen drink the drinks left for them by the “enemy”. And so in a circle. Canadians leave whiskey, and Danes schnapps.